Offer #1: Package - 6 Hours Practice and Road Test Starts at $310

6 hours practice and road test starts at $310. Three 2 hours lessons; Car for road test appointment; Pick up and drop off; Insurance Certificate. Limited Place. Rahway MVC only. Other MVC's will be slightly higher. Must Paid in Full.

$ 310

Valid Up to : 06/30/2019
Offer #2: Rent a Car for Road Test $55. ONLINE DEAL ONLY.

Rent a car for your road test for one time. Must meet at Rahway MVC. Must Pay Online to get this deal. LIMITED. Rahway MVC only Deal. MUST PAY ONLINE FOR THIS DEAL. OTHERWISE THE PRICE WILL BE $65.

$ 55

Valid Up to : 06/30/2019
Offer#3: High School Student's: 16 Years Old Program

16 years old program. We will get the permit, take the student for eye test at MVC and 6 hours behind the wheels practice. $30 discount from the original price. Lowest price in the town.

$ 250

Valid Up to : 06/30/2019
Offer#4: 2 hours lesson $75.

Pick up and drop off included. Weekdays ONLY. Limited Place.

$ 75

Valid Up to : 06/30/2019
Offer#5: 3 Hours Practice and Car for the Road Test $195.

Total 3 hours practice and a road test service. ( 1st day 2 hour lesson and on road test day 1 hour practice & road test. Location limited. Rahway MVC only.

$ 195

Valid Up to : 06/30/2019
Offer#6: Practice and Road Test with an hour $100. Online Deal.

An hour warm up lesson and road test service. Must Must meet at Rahway MVC. Rahway road test only. ONLINE DEAL ONLY. MUST PAY ONLINE. Otherwise price will be $105.

$ 100

Valid Up to : 06/30/2019
Offer#7: Package - 10 hours practice and Road Test starts at $470

10 hours practice and road test service. $470; Five 2 hours lessons. Pick up and drop off. Insurance Certificate. Weekdays ONLY. Limited Places.

$ 470

Valid Up to : 06/30/2019
Offer#8: Unlimited Lessons and Road Tests $1095.

Unlimited lessons and unlimited road tests, till you pass the road test. 2 one hour lessons or 1 two hour lesson a week. Limited Places. Must paid in Full. You can pay with payment plan also. Valid for 90 days ONLY.

$ 1095

Valid Up to : 06/30/2019

$ 200

Valid Up to : 12/31/2019